Being a fan of the Jets, Mets, and Knicks

A few minutes are left on the clock. The Bengals are 0-11 and yet today they will beat the Jets who just last week inspired a brief, rare, and always appreciated glimpse of hope after dominating a good Raiders team by a score of 34-3. Today’s loss shows the epitome of being a fan of the New York Jets, Mets, and Knicks. Their tragic losses and inevitable disappointments are somehow as unbelievable as they are utterly unsurprising. “Classic Jets (or Mets or Knicks)”, they say.

There is, however, a silver lining. I believe rooting for these teams builds character. All my life they have lost, but they keep playing, and I keep rooting for them. They fail and they fail and they fail, but they stick with it, and I strive to emulate that, failures included. I don’t waste my time watching them as much as I used to, and that’s a good thing too. After all, I do not aspire to be remembered as the best Jets, Mets, Knicks fan there ever was. I just want to have a Jets team to be excited about some Sundays, a Mets team to root for in October every few years, and a magically hot Knicks team to go see in the Garden. For all that we do not know about winning and championships, we know about finding hope where most would not, about failing, persisting, and always believing. One day, we will win it all.

Lastly, if today’s Jets game was not so unbearable to watch, I may have never taken the action to begin this blog which was no more than an idea prior to the opening kickoff. So many ideas come and go without becoming anything more than that, and that is part of the reason why I have started this blog. If you like it, you can thank the Jets.