Fast Solutions for Slow Readers

I am a very slow reader, but I am getting faster. Obviously, practice helps. Simple repetition over time is a good bet to make you better at almost anything I imagine, but there is a reason basketball players don’t just play games during practice. Some one at some point figured out that if you break an activity or a game down into its various parts and work diligently on improving individual skills through fundamental techniques, you improve more effectively than you otherwise would by doggedly practicing the overall activity.

When it comes to reading, there are two very effective tips that I learned from Tim Ferris. They are written below in the over-simplified manner in which I have employed them.

1. Trace & Pace – Use your finger (or a pen or highlighter if you are using one anyway) to trace under each line as you go. Following your finger helps you keep your place and pace.

2. Stay Centered – Stay focused on the center of the page with less eye movement towards the edges of each line. At the very least, you can catch the last word or two without looking directly at them so do that and then skip your eyes to at least the second or third word of the next line.

The full post from Tim Ferris is linked below for those of you who want to get faster faster.

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes