The Worst Times Get Better

Something bad happened to one of my best friends today. It was scary when it happened but seems to be fine now, and we are highly optimistic that there will be no significant lasting issues from the event. I will not say anything more specific on the matter except, again, it seems to be that he is and will continue to be just fine.

I did not much feel like writing today, but I do have something to share. It was a really tough day because of the thing that happened. I have heavily involved myself in the process of figuring out how best for my buddy to proceed, so it is not over yet, but I felt better as I recalled a saying that, as far as I know, I made up.

“The worst times get better and the best times get worse.”

The truth in this statement cannot be logically argued. If the worst times get worse, they will no longer have been the worst times. Otherwise they will get better, so the first part of the statement must be true. People may not like the second part but it works off of the same logic and so if the first part is true, then it must be too. It should also be noted that this second part, while seemingly negative, could drive you to take moments in the best times of your life to be present and appreciative, or to “soak it in”, as they say.

The thing about the worst times, so far in my life at least, is they tend to be pretty obvious when they happen. A set of moments contained within a few minutes today were some of the worst times in my life. No question. Things have gotten infinitely better since and I am very confident they will get fully back to steady state soon, which fortunately for me means relatively good times.

I feel very fortunate today as things could have been a whole lot worse. I am glad also to now have the added conviction of another experience to support my belief that the worst times get better and the best times get worse. It just takes time.