Hoop Dreams

I was talking movies earlier in the week with my buddy Harry who knows the film industry well and has made a few shorts himself. I actually acted in a couple of them back in our college days.

He recommended that I check out some of the early works from the Safdie Brothers, an eclectic directing duo from New York who, still only in their mid-30’s, have become best known for their recently released Adam Sandler featured film, Uncut Gems (I still need to see it).

I decided to watch this documentary they directed on high school basketball phenom Lenny Cooke who famously failed to ever play a game in the NBA after once being ranked a higher prospect than LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. For anyone who likes basketball or enjoys sports-related documentaries, it is an unfortunate and somewhat cautionary tale that is well done and worth a watch.

Speaking of Carmelo Anthony, I am very glad to see my all-time favorite basketball player continuing to thrive after his unexpected resurgence with the Blazers. Melo is one of the best offensive players I have seen in my lifetime, he can play solid D when he wants to, and I have always opposed the argument that he could never be a part of a winning team. He led Syracuse to an NCAA Title as a freshman in 2003. A winner is a winner in my book.

Lastly, as a Knicks fan, I have to say that while RJ Barrett looks reasonably promising in his first year, I always wanted Ja Morant in this most recent draft. I know the Knicks did not have much of a choice as he was drafted by the Grizzlies with the pick before theirs, but I would have certainly considered making a trade to swap picks. The kid is absolutely nasty and these highlights from his last game, an impressive win over the Rockets, are as impressive a set of three plays by a point guard that I have seen in one half of basketball in recent memory.