COVID-19K Feeding America Fundraiser

In lieu of a typical post, today I would like to encourage you to participate in a fundraiser that I have organized in which people are walking or running 19 kilometers at their own pace and on their own time over hours, days, or weeks to help feed those in need facing hunger in America. Unfortunately, there are and will continue to be many more of those people than usual as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic impact that is costing tens of millions of Americans their jobs. This sudden loss of income for masses of people is especially concerning when paired with the fact that, according to the Federal Reserve, about 40% of Americans would struggle to cover an unexpected expense of just $400. Obviously, this hypothetical unexpected expense of $400 does not come close to equating with the unexpected loss of one’s entire income that has become the reality for people all across America. I wrote about the eleven human needs earlier this week and I started this fundraiser because I am concerned that many people will struggle to satisfy them now, specifically by not being able to afford enough food. You can visit the official website here:

If and when you do, please take a minute to read the full fundraiser description to learn more about what exactly you can do to help.

Lastly, I understand and am humbled by the fact that I am writing to an audience that is much more global than I would have expected it to be at this point when I first started writing last December. I encourage those from other countries to focus on the problems hitting closest to home, and for any Americans with higher priority issues, I encourage them to do the same. If you do care about this cause in particular, however, or if you would just like to run, walk, help fundraise or donate to support a great cause, your efforts will by no means be taken for granted.

Thank you sincerely for anything you can do to help.