The Possibility of Vicelessness

Yesterday’s post was an exceptionally long one so I will make today’s post an exceptionally short one.

For most all of my life, as long as I can remember, I have had some sort of vice. Often, I have had more than one. None of them have been particularly bad in the scheme of things, but some of them, like the amount I drank in college, are more obviously damaging if continued over the long haul than others, like the amount of video games I played when I was younger. I used to think that I needed at least one vice of some sort no matter what, but when my friend texted me earlier this week and asked if I had any vices at home, I realized that I did not.

To understand what that means for me in particular, it is useful to remember that I count relatively innocent activities like excessive coffee drinking and iPhone usage to be vices too. I am not suggesting that you give up all of your habits, especially those as innocent as these, whether you consider them to be vices or not. There are many worse things to do than drinking coffee every morning and if that is something that you genuinely love, by all means, continue on.

I write this not to convince anyone of any particular habits that they should break, but to give confidence to those who have ones that they know they want to break, but have not. I want to tell them definitively that it is possible to be viceless. I never thought I could be, until I realized I was.