Dare to be judged

Three weeks ago today, I posted Why buy a share of Amazon today. Since then, Amazon shares are up over 27% versus the S&P 500 which is up just over 6%. I stand by everything that I wrote in that post and encourage you to read it again. The fact that the investment has done well in this short period of time does not matter as much as the added conviction I continue to gain in my logic and general perspective as an investor.

In that same post, I quoted a previous one from February 27th. That was my first post on the Coronavirus. In it, I wrote that I had sold all of my stocks on February 24th (the Monday prior). That was right before the market crash which has now largely recovered, but which from my perspective, is far from finding a bottom in terms of both prices and time. It is interesting to go back and read the rest of that post as well.

One of my favorite parts about writing on this blog for you all to read is that it serves as a means by which I can be held accountable. I have not ever deleted or edited a post other than to correct a simple typo. I do not expect that I ever will. Because this is written in stone, I expose myself to the possibility of making brutally bad predictions and having people easily able to call me out on them. At the same time, if I can continue to develop a keen understanding of the world around me in a way that enables me to make good predictions and give good advice, many posts will age nicely. I hope to write many more posts that age well than those that age poorly. Only time will tell, and as much as I or anyone else, you will be the judge.