Experimenting with Blog of Jake

Today’s post is intended to provide a brief update on both myself and the blog in terms of how it will be different for the next month or so.

Lauren and I are driving down to Georgia tomorrow. We rented a cabin for a month on Airbnb. The cabin sits high by the Great Smoky Mountains. We are excited to experience the Georgia woods.

Yesterday, I completed the Stanford Code in Place course that I wrote about previously. For my final project, I created an animation using Python. You can see a video recording of the animation below. It was harder than it looks to code and more satisfying than it would seem to complete.

In Georgia, I will be beginning a new project. At the same time, I will be experimenting with the blog. I have written a few books worth of words on here since I first began writing every weekday on December 1st of last year. For the next month, I will be focused on providing more value per word. The posts will be very brief. They will be curations as much as creations. Specifically, I plan to post according to the following cadence:

Monday – a quote that I love

Tuesday – a podcast I recommend

Wednesday – a photograph I took

Thursday – a song I enjoyed

Friday – a quote of my own

Sometimes, less is more.

I imagine some of you may enjoy this experiment more than what I have done in the past. It will certainly be easier to keep up with.

Others may prefer the way it has always been. There is plenty of that to go back and read and there will be plenty of it more to come.

I will sincerely love to read any and all feedback sent to jake@blogofjake.com. If I do not respond quickly, I will do so eventually. Please do not hesitate to reach out any time for any reason at all.

I want to take a moment at this time to share my appreciation for all you readers out there, from my family and my friends to all those I have never met reading from places I have never been. Thank you all for your support to date. Thank you in advance for your support in the future. Whoever you are, I appreciate you.

Have a nice weekend and take care. I will kick things off with one of my favorite quotes on Monday.