How to live longer and healthier

I believe there are a few things that people can do to add several healthy years to their lives. These things include exercise, fasting, and nutrition. Within the next decade or two, I believe there will be several more things that people can do to add many more. Until those things come, here is what I do:

I run 3 or more miles 5 days per week. I fast for 16 hours every weekday from after dinner the night before until after noon that day. I practice a gluten-free vegan diet on weekdays.

I don’t take any pills for anything on a regular basis but there are two that I would try if I was older. I would take 1 gram of metformin and Basis, an NAD+ supplement by Elysium. I do take a daily vitamin from Nutrametrix which is a powder that is soluble in water. Neither brand is paying for this mention.

The other things that may help me live a longer and healthier life are not things that I do but rather things that I do not do. I do not consume too much alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, or other drugs (although some damage might have already been done in the first department). I do not have conviction that any of these things are especially bad for healthy longevity but I presume them all to be better in moderation.

My habits are far from perfect but they are healthy enough that I expect to live a longer and healthier life than most if I stay the course. I could still be struck by lightning this afternoon or face something fatal that is far less improbable, but even if these practices do not guarantee me a longer and healthier life, all else equal, a healthier life is a happier one.