A Cost-Effective Podcast and Blog

Yesterday, a soon-to-debut podcaster who has been both publicly and privately supportive of my podcast asked me, among other questions, what I use for a hosting platform. I answered the question and after some back and forth ended the conversation by writing, “amazing how much of this can be done for free / cheap”.

Recalling that back and forth this morning, I felt inspired to share the platforms (and their associated monthly costs) that allow me to do what I do at an extremely low cost.


Zoom, Pro Plan ($8.75 / month) – for recording podcasts

G Suite ($6.00 / month) – for the email address, jake@blogofjake.com

WordPress, Personal Plan ($4.00 / month) – for both websites for sharing blogs and podcasts

Blog of Jake’s Blog on Tape Narration (Free) – for audio recordings of blogs

Anchor (Free) – for hosting and distributing podcasts and audio-blogs on Apple, Spotify, etc.

Garageband (Free) – for editing podcasts

Notes (Free) – for taking notes (blog ideas, podcast prep, edits, notes, etc.)

Snippet (Free) – for podcast transcripts and clip creation (testing)

Twitter (Free) – for sharing content (automatic when published)

LinkedIn (Free) – for sharing content (automatic when published)

Superpeer (Free) – for facilitating paid calls

Patreon (Free) – for accepting donations from patrons


podofjake.com ($1.50 / month)

blogofjake.com ($1.50 / month)

I have not included the costs of my MacBook Air, iPhone SE, WiFi, Superhuman (email), or Microsoft Office because, although I use all of these for my blog and podcast, I would be using them regardless. I am currently experimenting with Roam Research which would also fall into that category. Lastly, I did not include my podcast setup since it was a one-time purchase but it is worth noting that it only cost me $99 and works perfectly.

All in all, my recurring costs to maintain Blog of Jake and Pod of Jake are $21.75 / month.

Amazing how much of this can be done for free / cheap.