The Fundamentals of Bitcoin

You may have heard Bitcoin hit an all-time high this week. Most people think Bitcoin is either a sure thing or a scam. The reality is that it is neither. What it is, among other things, is the best investment opportunity I have come across in my short time as an investor.

For those who know nothing about Bitcoin or those who are otherwise interested in reading my perspective, I wrote a long-form piece called The Fundamentals of Bitcoin. I believe my perspective on Bitcoin is more reasonable than many of its strongest supporters and more knowledgeable than most all of its detractors.

My goal with The Fundamentals of Bitcoin is to give people a fundamental and practical introduction to what Bitcoin is and why they might care about it. For those who find this introduction compelling, I will conclude with actionable instructions for how one can quickly and easily invest in Bitcoin today. Inevitably, when I share with people the attractiveness of Bitcoin as an investment, they ask me how much I would recommend they invest. This is a question that everyone must answer for themselves and I will explain why. Still, I will share why I believe investing 1% of one’s money in Bitcoin may be a sensible place to start. I hope you enjoy this resource regarding what may well prove to be one of the most impactful technologies of our time.

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